Kits and Pieces

The kit is the Academy 1/48th scale “Vietnam War” F-4C. This kit has all the right features, recessed panel lines and rivet details and is the most accurate when it comes to out-of-the-box components approximating the real aircraft geometry. Component fits are extremely well matched resulting in minimal putty fills during assembly.

Academy 1/48 F-4C “Vietnam War” 12294

My build approach is to modify all the kit components before starting assembly. This includes after market kits as well as the Academy box pieces. The rationale for this is that assembly and modifications require that every component be washed prior to painting. Piece modifications and sub assembly leaves oils and dust on the pieces, This interferes with the final painting and decal applications. Extreme caution in handling of resin and PE pieces is essential as they are very fragile. They are more brittle and bend/break more easily than the plastic kit parts.

These are the Aires cockpit tub resin and PE pieces. Resin parts had to be sanded to almost paper thinness on all side panels and the floor segments to allow fitting them into the model.

Aires 4611 1/48 F-4C Phantom II Cockpit Set
Aires PP4611 1/48 F-4C Phantom II PE and film pieces

The items pictured below are the Eduard Photo Etched pieces, detail is great albeit 2-dimensional. They were purchased in order to have the cockpit detailed items for modifications that were not included in the Aires set.

Eduard 49672 1/48 F-4C Interior