About the Author

I spent 18 months in SEA from 1967-1969, I was assigned to the 54th WRS at Udorn RTAFB, Thailand. ┬áThe airmen of the 54th WRS provided support for the 555th TFW (Triple Nickle). Hence, it was there that the “legend” of Colonel Olds became known to me. Because Colonel Olds headed up the 8th TFW operating out of Ubon, Thailand, his reputation was well known to those of us supporting his sister group, the Triple Nickle.

I instantly developed a love for this aircraft while serving in the US Air Force. To this day the sound of a military aircraft flying overhead always gets my attention. Bringing back memories of a time long gone by. I salute all those who have and will serve our great country. I wish all those who return home a safe landing. We will never forget those that made the ultimate sacrifice.